White Mage – Wit (Flagship)

Special Ingredients: White Cocoa Beans, Grains of Paradise

When we say it’s not a beer, it’s a health potion, we aren’t kidding! White Mage is brewed with white cocoa beans and grains of paradise, ingredients linked to several health benefits. The grains of paradise combine with the Cascade hops to mimic the citrus of orange peel normally found in wit biers, while the white cocoa beans add a unique nuttiness to the beer. Whether or not they really have curative power is up to you, but you won’t regret adding this smooth, drinkable healer to your party!

Black Mage – Stout –(Flagship)

Special Ingredients: Brewer’s Licorice and Cocoa Nibs

Black Mage uses the forces of black magic to create a stout that has the body and mouthfeel of a much bigger beer while still managing to have a certain lightness that makes it drinkable even under Arizona’s harsh summer sun. The brewer’s licorice subtly blends with the depth of the cocoa nibs and the roasted and chocolate malts give this beer a rich coffee finish. You’ll be glad you joined the dark side after the first sip!

Hopsassin’s Creed – Session IPA (Flagship)

Special Ingredients: Columbus Hops, Mosaic Hops, Chinook Hops

Assassinate your preconceptions of Session IPAs with Hopsassin’s Creed. Chinook hops hint at Connor’s Native American background from Assassin’s Creed 3. And the Mosaic and Columbus hops remind us of Ezio, the ultimate Assassin and our favorite member of the Brotherhood. With stealthy grapefruit aromas and a citrusy, hoppy finish, you’ll be glad you accepted this target. It’s perfect for a daylong gaming session!

Legend of Zymur – Double IPA (Flagship)

Special Ingredients: Cascade, Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe

For adventurers who want to take their taste buds on a legendary quest, Legend of Zymur is a perfect weapon of choice. Our head brewer Ryan developed this complex double IPA over seven years and masterfully combined five of the best American hops to craft this unique beer. Simcoe, Citra, Cascade, Mosaic, and Amarillo blend to create a playful citrus flavor and late-wort hopping leaves drinkers with a satisfyingly hoppy beer without the harsh bitter bite one would normally expect in a DIPA. It’s dangerous to go alone, so you’ll be glad you took this!