By participating in our program, you’ll be eligible to earn some seriously awesome loot just by continuing to support us. Every time you visit us to show your loyalty, we’ll show ours by awarding you experience points. Then, as you level up, you’ll become eligible for exclusive loot like special stickers, growlers, and glassware, early access to special events, special access to bottle releases, and much more. And here’s the best part: After an initial $5 fee to cover the cost of the card, it’s FREE. You’ll never pay for any of the loot; they’re our gift to you for helping us be successful.


It’s that easy: support 8-Bit Aleworks, gain XP, level up, and get free stuff. Stop by during tasting room hours on any day to get signed up and start leveling!


Here are some of the highlights of the program:

  •  Only $5 to start
  • Opportunities for bonus XP
  • At level 25, prestige to silver loyalty card
  • At level 50, prestige to gold loyalty card
  • Earn FREE EXCLUSIVE LOOT available only to members of the 8-Bitizen


You can view the specific rewards per level here, and the XP required for each level as well as bonus XP per day here.


Replacement cards will require a $5 fee. XP, levels, and rewards are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the 8-Bit Aleworks ownership. No XP is awarded for visits that occur within 30 minutes of closing. Card is required and must be scanned to earn XP. Only owner of card may check in. One check in per person per day. One person per card. One prize per level per person. Bonus XP is awarded for visits lasting longer than 30 minutes. 8-Bit Aleworks is not responsible for issues caused by the malfunction of software used. Awarding of some prizes may be delayed due to limited stock and ordering. This program is a courtesy to our loyal and supportive guests but can be revoked at any time with or without notice. Individual memberships may be revoked or levels removed at the discretion of the 8-Bit Aleworks ownership. Members may discontinue membership at any time but will not be refunded the enrollment fee or any replacement fees. By signing up for this program, you are agreeing to these terms and your admission into the program is a binding agreement to do so.


Updated 9/1/17