Do you remember the first time you held a game controller in your hands? There was something captivating about the shiny, smooth plastic and the gentle spring of the buttons that has become the embodiment of many childhoods. When we game, we create and inhabit unique worlds limited only by imagination and processing power. We journey through distant lands and complete epic quests. We rewrite history and win impossible wars. We cross the finish line of the smallest and largest racetracks with ease and only sometimes hit the rails. We even break pots, kick chickens, and travel down sewage pipes.

However we game, we feel connected to something incredible. At 8-Bit Aleworks our goal is to bring that connectedness to the real world. We combine the nostalgia and imagination of video games with the powerful flavor of high-quality craft beer. In doing so, we bring gamers and non-gamers together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and provide unique, exciting beer brewed on-site for our guests to enjoy. We have arcade cabinets and tabletop games available, but you’ll never see football on our screens unless it’s Madden or Tecmo Bowl. In the background, you’ll hear a mix of game soundtracks, 8-“bitified” songs we all know and recognize, and a mixture of several other artists who add a gaming flair to their own unique sounds. You’ll make new friends and reconnect with old ones, and find a unique environment to forget the stressors of being an adult.

Our tasting room isn’t the only thing that makes 8-Bit Aleworks special. Our microbrewery focuses on creating small-batch, large-flavor beer in a way that will keep you pressing continue. We use natural ingredients for artisanal brews that are designed to refresh and satisfy any craft beer lover’s palette, from level 1 through 100. You’ll find classic flavors and styles along with inventive new ones, from rich, chocolaty stouts to the fresh zing of lime leaves in an IPA. Our brewery focuses on providing exceptional beer and service that you’re sure to love.  Come loot our taps and see for yourself why it’s not a beer, it’s a health potion!